the future breakfast


Eggs Benedict

Homemade English muffins, marinated king oyster

mushrooms, two organic poached eggs and truffle


8,5 €

Hummus with Poached Eggs

Homemade jerusalem artichoke hummus, spicy

fermented tomato, garlic-herb portobello pilze, dukkah,

oil, two poached eggs and sourdough bread.

9,5 €

Vegan: replace eggs with roasted sesame carrots.

8,5 €

Autumn Panzanella

Crusty garlic croutons soaked in a cherry tomato

vinaigrette with sautéed kale, two poached eggs and

pickled green jalapeño chimichurri.

8,5 €

Vegan: replace eggs with marinated king oyster mushrooms.

8,5 €

Arme Ritter

Egg white French toast with Jones' cheesecake ice cream,

caramelised quince and homemade sriracha-maple syrup.

7,5 €